2020/21 Chosen Charities

AnneBags Gift Packaging will be donating to a selection of small charities chosen from around the country.

** 50p from every purchase of selected ‘charity range’ products will be collected. At the end of 2021, the total amount will be split equally between all 4 charities listed below **

Each year we will select another 4 small charities to support. You can help make a difference.

As we are a small business, we want to support small charities around the country. These are the charities that we will be supporting over the next year.

Westbank work to empower and improve the health of communities and individuals across Devon and to become a voluntary sector leader for development and innovation across Devon and the southwest region.

Nestled on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Irwell Valley, Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is a charity committed to caring for dogs, cats, equine and farm animals and small pets.

The Toby Henderson Trust (TTHT) is an independently funded charity supporting children and young adults with autism, their families, and carers in the North East.

Nordoff Robbins – Scotland – there mission is to provide music therapy to anyone whose quality of life could be improved by it.