Carrier Bag Collection

Quality paper bags with paper twist handles, perfect for gifts of all types.

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Standard Collection

Brown and White Kraft

Available in sizes:

Brown and White Kraft: Very Small (19x8x21)/ Small (24x11x31)/ Medium (32x14x42)/ Large(40x16x45) and Extra Large (54x15x49)

Black, Blue, Green, Pale Pink, Red, Silver, Gold, Pale Blue, Cream, Lime: Very Small (19x18x21)/ Small (24x11x31)/ Medium (32x14x42) and Large (40x16x45)

Brown and Violet:Very Small (18x8x20)/ Small (25x11x24)/ Medium (36x12x32)/ Large(42x13x37) and Extra Large (54x14x45)

Turquoise and Yellow:Very Small (18x18x20)/ Small (25x11x24)/ Medium (32x13x28) and Large (32x13x42)


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